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Sourcing a rental property, let alone completing the move, can be extremely stressful at best. And that's where we want to help! We plan to offer you simple, straightforward information you can use to make your decision.

Offering full tenant support

To ensure you pick the right property to fit your needs and at the right price, we will guide you through the whole process. From the moment you make contact about a property we have available right up until you move in and then during your tenancy, we offer full support and will be on-hand every step of the way.

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To clear up some confusion about letting a property, we've answered some of the most common questions we asked. Also feel free to contact us on 01633 746800 for further information.

+ How long can the tenancy be for?
Minimum six months to a current maximum of 3 years.
+ What is a holding deposit?
If you wish to reserve the property, you must pay your full Holding Deposit which is listed below. The purpose is to reserve the property & take up independent references, completion of a credit score and applies to all adult occupiers. If the credit references are unsatisfactory, then the Holding Deposit will not be returned. A guarantor may not be suitable for all landlords. Should a landlord withdraw from the tenancy prior to move-in, then your holding deposit will be refunded unless used against another of our rental properties.
+ Can I have a pet in the property?
This does depend on the landlord. Many people have pets and a landlord may accept this with a supplementary clause in the tenancy to agree this.
+ What notice do I have to give a landlord to leave?
If a tenant wishes to move out when they are on a periodic agreement (rolling contract on a month to month basis), the tenant has to give one month’s notice in writing, to expire, the day before the contract date. If they are within the fixed term of the tenancy, then they cannot be released from the tenancy unless agreed as contract would need breaking which may incur financial penalties
+ Can I redecorate or make changes to the property?
Only with consent from your landlord/lettings agent. this is often granted but your landlord may request to return the property back to original colours or condition. Wallpapering is usually best avoided.

Looking to Rent Your property

To learn how we can support you in the search for a property to let, please get in touch now.

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